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Gorilla Tow Discount Card

Terms of Discount Card and Discount Card Agreement

Please read these terms and conditions very carefully prior to registering for the Gorilla Motorcycle Discount Towing Card Program. Participation in the Discount Tow Card Program indicates that you accept these terms. Otherwise, please do not register.

Upon enrollment, if you have any questions, we urge you to contact our main office and speak with a customer service representative. You may also visit our website

1(800) 282-0196

The following is the Discount Motorcycle Towing Program Agreement between the Provider of this Discount Tow Card Program, Gorilla Motorcycle Towing, LLC, (herein referred to as “We,” and “Us,” and “Our” and the Active Member of this Discount Tow Card Program (referred to as Active “Member”, and “You,” and “Your.” The Gorilla Motorcycle Discount Tow Card Program is herein referred to as “Discount Tow Card Program.”

The Gorilla Motorcycle Discount Towing Card covers only tows within the local Sacramento area, which includes any city within Sacramento County. Active Discount Card Holders are entitled to a $30.00 “Discount Off” their “First Tow” Amount. After the initial “First Tow,” the Active Discount Tow Card Holder will get 15% for any additional tows for use until their Discount Card Expires. The Discount Card can be renewed every year. Mileage will be charged at a rate of $4.00 per mile and the $100.00 Hookup-Fee.

After you have completed your enrollment and paid all required fees, one of our representatives will contact you to complete and confirm the Discount Tow Card enrollment package and mail your Discount Tow Card. Enrollment in the Discount Tow Card Program is effective 48 hours after the enrollment/purchase fees have been paid and our representative has completed and confirmed your enrollment, at which point your Discount Towing Card is Active.

Once your Discount Towing Card has been confirmed, there are no refunds or exchanges, no exceptions. Active Discount Tow Card Holders must register their motorcycle with Gorilla Motorcycle Towing within 48 hours of completing and confirming their enrollment. Motorcycle registration can be completed on our website at or call 1(800) 282-0196.

If your motorcycle is not registered, your membership will not become active. The motorcycle must be registered within the 48-hour period after sign-up in order for the membership to become active. If the motorcycle is not registered within the 48-hour period, your enrollment in the Discount Tow Card Program will enter a “pending” status and will remain as such until a Gorilla Motorcycle Towing representative speaks with you to complete your registration.

If you do not complete the required motorcycle registration within the 48-hour period, you enter a 10-day grace period. A Gorilla Motorcycle Towing representative will help to “Activate” your Discount Tow Card. If you do not complete the required registration within the 10-day grace period, you will be charged a $25 cancellation, and the remaining funds for your membership will be returned to you.

Active Discount Tow Card Holders with this program includes only one (1) motorcycle on the initial enrollment. If you have more than one motorcycle you wish to register with the Discount Tow Card Program, you are permitted to add additional motorcycles to your Discount Tow Card. Registration of additional motorcycle must occur within the 48-hour period, as specified in the above plan. Any additional tows will be charged as it is set forth in this agreement.

All Active Discount Tow Card Holders will be assigned a membership number. The Discount Tow Card expires “One Year” from the enrollment date. Any Active Discount Tow Card Holders who wish to renew their Discount Tow Card must do so prior to the expiration date by calling 1(800) 282-0196 and pay the renewal fee.

The Discount Tow Card Program is limited to use by one (1) One “Active” Card Holder per Tow. All towing services must be used by the “Active Member Only”. The Discount Tow Card Program is non-transferable.”

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